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Guy's Family


Guy's Family ~☆★The Community★☆~ ガイズファミリー
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FanComm for the band Guys Family
~☆★WELCOME to guys_family, the fan community of the band ガイズファミリー★☆~

1. be nice to each other, the internet is serious business, but that doesn't mean you can't bring your arguments elsewhere.
2. feel free to post anything and everything as long as it's got something to do with the band or its members.
3. introductory posts are welcomed.
4. when posting media (magazine scans, music, videos, etc) please friend's lock your posts.
5. graphics (scans, icons, wallpapers, fanart, etc) exceeding 400x400 pixels should be placed under a cut. click here if you don't know how.
6. support the band, buy their music.

~☆★ON THE WEB★☆~
official home page
Kight's blog
Shinobu's blog
Reo's blog
Kazutake's blog
Takumi's blog
gf @ visunavi
Guys family fanlisting

Kazutake's blog (New)
Reo's blog (New)

brand x
third stage
Tower Records JP


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